Collegiate Chatsworth Dressage Saddle

As low as $475.00
  • Durable low maintenance and lightweight synthetic saddle.
  • Adjustable knee blocks.
  • Traditional flocked panels that conform to your horses shape.
  • Ideal for both competition and pleasure riding.
  • Simple Quick changeable gullet as your horses level of fitness and shape changes the Collegiate changeable gullet allows you to alter the width of your saddle to custom fit your horse.
  • 10 year warranty on the tree.
  • 2 year warrany warranty on the saddle.
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The Collegiate Chatsworth Dressage Saddle is a lightweight, low maintenance synthetic saddle. Faux suede knee, adjustable knee blocks, and deep seat assist with rider stability. Suitable for both pleasure riding and competition. Simple & Quick changeable gullet system combined with synthetic wool panel and long front gusset allows for an improved fit.
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