Saddle Review: University of Tennessee

The Collegiate saddle has been a wonderful addition to our equestrian club! The saddle is very versatile, which has allowed our riders to use it during their weekly lessons on various types of horses. Its ease of gullet adjustment enables it to provide the correct comfort and fit for each horse. Although the comfort of the horse always comes first, this saddle offers a great experience for the rider as well. Each club member that has had a chance to ride in the saddle can testify to its comfort. The saddle evokes a feeling of security within the rider, and it enables you to have a closer connection to the horse beneath. Since many riders were using the saddle multiple times a week, the break-in period was not long. The soft leather quickly adapted, and it became even more comfortable as a result. Overall, we are so thankful for the time we have had with this saddle, and we look forward to sharing it with new riders that join our club at UTK!

-The University of Tennessee Equestrian Team