Review: Collegiate Deluxe Padded Breakaway Halter

“Reuben James is the newest addition to our farm, so of course upon moving in he got an immediate order placed for a new wardrobe! At only five, he’s the youngest in a herd of mainly retired horses, so definitely one of the most playful in the group. We usually take halters off during turnout, but during his first few weeks at the farm I wanted to leave something on him as a safety precaution. Because of this, we opted for the Collegiate Deluxe Padded Breakaway Halter.

One of my favorite features of this is not only the adjustable noseband, but also the double buckles on either side of the crown piece. The adjustability ensures a perfect fit – despite the extra Morgan coat he needs for the Vermont winter!  The halter also has very soft and supple padding on the inside of the nose and crown, making him a lot more comfortable not just for routine wear, but also during turnout if needed. The full leather design ensures complete breakaway features, so when he’s playing “Halter Tag” with his new buddies across the fence I don’t have to worry about anyone getting caught! I would definitely recommend this model for anyone in need of a high-quality model, perfect for everyday use!”