Equestrian Team Update from University of Southern California

University of Southern California Class of 2021

This year marked the seventh consecutive Region Championship win for the Equestrian Team at USC, and we could not be more proud. While I know we all deeply wished to keep showing and continuing our competition season, I am so excited for our team to complete another wonderful year and show season in the fall. An integral part of this season was, of course, our many wonderful horses, and we were especially proud to welcome two new horses this past fall to our roster. Of course, with horses, comes the need for tack: enter our Collegiate saddles. I am thrilled that we now as a team have multiple Collegiate saddles. With the addition of these saddles, we were able to train more of our riders on more of our horses, where we before faced more of a tack limitation. Having a wonderful assortment of reliable tack that both our riders and horses enjoyed enabled our riders to practice and compete at peak performance, and I am so grateful such was the case. Knowing now that our season would be a bit shorter than initially planned for, I thank Collegiate for being an integral element to our success this season and making our limited months even more full of wonderful riding.